Enkaku – Distant Jikiden Reiki treatment

I often hear from people: “I do not believe that healing energy can work on distance” or “It is not scientific”. I find it really funny that people say such a thing while holding their smartphones and see and talk to people hundreds of kilometers away. When I point it to them usually they say “It makes sense, I did not think that way”.

Energy is amazing and our modern science only started to discover its amazing nature and abilities. Any and every energy:potential, kinetic, thermal, electrical, chemical, nuclear, magnetic, mechanical…

Distant treatment is as efficient as hands-on treatment, the same way Wi-Fi offers you everything that cable connection does.

As an experience when attending a live concert is more profound than watching the same concert on TV, hands-on treatment is always preferable. However, sometimes it may not be possible to do hands-on treatment. For example when traveling, when the person who needs a treatment is far away, when a person is in a hospital in which complementary treatments are not welcome, when a personal touch is not acceptable for cultural or religious reasons.

Fee for a 60-minute session:
90 CHF

Fee for a 30-minute session:
45 CHF

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