Natural Healing of Body and Mind

Reiki is a universal energy. In Reiki method treatment,  that energy is passed to a receiver to trigger and stimulate body’s natural self-healing.  Jikiden Reiki is Reiki as it was originally taught in Japan. It is simple, pure and effective.

One does not need to “believe in Reiki” to benefit from the treatment. As one does not have to believe in electricity to benefit the light from an electric lamp.

Anybody can learn to give Reiki method treatments. Reiki practitioner does not have a special gift and there is no magic involved.

During Reiki treatment, the universal energy passes through the  practitioner to the recipient’s body, the same way the electrical energy goes through wires from electrical plant to an appliance . The body uses received Reiki to heal itself, as the light bulb uses electricity to produce the light.

If your body or mind could use some help – come to Kumonoki and have a Jikiden Reiki treatment!

If you would like to learn how to give Jikiden Reiki treatment to others or yourself – come to Kumonoki and learn Jikiden Reiki!