Hands-On Jikiden Reiki treatment

Jikiden Reiki hands-on treatments is usually given with a client, fully clothed, lying on a treatment table. During the treatment a therapist receives the energy and passes it to a client by gently placing their hands on client’s body. The energy flow triggers and stimulates the body’s natural self-healing​.

A standard treatment normally lasts around 60 minutes, but may be given for up to 90 minutes per session if necessary. Every session is adapted to your personal needs.

Acute illnesses and injuries usually heal faster, usually after just few Reiki treatments.

Chronic illnesses and serious conditions require longer treatment Sometimes it is better that a person who is ill or someone close to them learn Jikiden Reki to be able to provide the patient every day treatments.

There is not a general answer on what one feels when given a Reiki treatment. Everyone’s experience is individual and subjective, however, most people feel a deep relaxation and warmth. Some people fall asleep. Some people feel nothing. Whether you feel something or not, Reiki energy flows and stimulates your body’s self-healing process.

Because Reiki stopped my post-cancer suffering and gave me my life back, I offer a number of sessions for free to cancer patients.

Fee for a 60-minute session:
100 CHF